Faking an Orgasm

70% of women admit to faking an orgasm at some point in their lives.

Are they liars? Are they breaking the trust in their relationship? Why bother to fake it in the first place?

A majority of men and women alike assume that sex is only pleasurable for the female if orgasm has been achieved. This is one of the leading causes of a faked orgasm.

It is a common misconception by many men that if their partner doesn’t have an orgasm, then the sex was not any good – meaning, they were not any good.

So, some women tend to fake loud, earth-shattering orgasms in an attempt to ease their partner’s mind. In fact, the majority of women who admit to faking orgasm do it because:

  • they don’t want their partner to feel inadequate
  • they want to make their partner happy
  • they want to encourage their partner to orgasm

Although women fake it in order to please their partner, this little white lie can be more damaging to their relationship than they think.

First and foremost, faking orgasm is most likely to make a woman’s partner feel worse about them self. It can also have damaging effects on trust issues within the relationship.

So, men, what do you do when you suspect your woman has been faking orgasm? Simply ask her! (Remember communicate, communicate, communicate!)

Obviously, you must find the right place and time to do it. Blurting out the question in the middle of her “orgasm” is not the most effective method.

Find a time when you are both feeling relaxed and happy with your relationship. Ask her out of sheer curiosity - “Have you ever felt the need to fake an orgasm during sex?”

If her answer is no, use this as an opportunity to openly communicate about your sex life. You can use this as a starting point to discuss what she likes/dislikes in bed, what specific things she would like you to do, and so on.

If her answer is yes, then you will find that having this discussion will also benefit your relationship. If your partner confides in you about her missing orgasms, then this discussion is most likely to cultivate those essential ingredients needed for any healthy relationship – communication, honesty, and trust. In having this discussion, your sex life may significantly improve.

As a couple, your focus should be on what to change in order to achieve orgasm, ignoring the problem or “faking it” won’t make it disappear.

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