Female Orgasm 101

Men, hold on to your hats! You are about to be let in on a whole new world of secrets! A world that has the power to confuse, mystify, and bewilder…

The world of the female orgasm!

The female body is a complex work of art – beautiful to look at, but difficult to figure out… especially when it comes to orgasm.

Many men find it difficult to understand the female sexual response cycle simply because it differs so much from their own.

Here is a brief overview of what happens during a female orgasm:

Stimulation of clitoris

Tension build-up is caused within pelvis
Tension is finally released and orgasm is experienced
Series of involuntary (yet pleasurable) muscle contractions sweep through body
Contractions are felt in the vagina, uterus, and/or rectum
Unlike with the male orgasm, women have the ability to feel many different types of climaxes. These climaxes are dependent on the types of stimuli used, and whether the orgasm is clitoral or vaginal.

So, before you start poking and prodding in all the wrong places, learn all there is to know about the female orgasm – how it happens, and most importantly, how to make it happen.

This site will answer every question you’ve ever had about the female orgasm, but were too afraid to ask – from positions to toys, from G-Spots to multiple orgasms…

You’ll surely impress her with “sexpertise” the next time you’re in the bedroom.

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