Female Orgasm Resources

Achieving Orgasm: Getting the Most out of it, by Candis Hale
Article that discusses techniques to intensify sexual pleasure and tips for achieving orgasm.

A New Focus on Female Sexuality, by Anonymous
Discusses medical alternatives for women with low sexual desire

Decreased Libido, by D. Ashley Hill, MD
Discusses low female sexual desire – its causes, consequences, and solutions

Instructions for Kegel Exercises
Provides introduction to Kegel exercises and how they are helpful for experiencing orgasm

Physiology of Sexual Response
Outlines the stages of the female sexual response cycle, and addresses other issues related to sexual response

Resources on Female Sexuality
Provides links for informative sites and articles on female sexuality and orgasm

Surgical and Other Interventions That Can Affect Female Sexuality, by Richard A. Zmuda and Jane Quigley ()
Discusses various health-related issues that affect female sexuality

Has extensive information on female anatomy, desire, arousal, fantasy, and masturbation.

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