Female Orgasm-Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of the Trade

Think back to the cheesiest love scene you’ve ever seen in a movie…

Got one?

Now, go ahead and reenact it!

It’s no stereotype that women like romance, especially when that romantic moment will be leading to sex.

While men are more visually stimulated, women are emotionally stimulated. So, this means that many women need to feel important and appreciated before they can engage in any type of satisfying sexual experience.

And this is where romance fits in.

Here are some of the things you can do to provide your girlfriend or wife with a stress-free evening of romance and sexual satisfaction:

e in a relationship1. Setting the atmosphere:

  • dim the lights
  • light some candles and incense
  • drape the bed in silk sheets
  • turn on some romantic music

2. Setting the Mood:

  • give a full body massage
  • prepare a bubble bath
  • set up a romantic, candlelit dinner
  • buy her some new lingerie
  • introduce a new toy or bedroom board game to get things started

If a woman is not relaxed or comfortable she will not give the sexual encounter her all – which will undoubtedly end up disappointing the both of you.

Here are some interesting statistics…

When a woman has difficulty achieving orgasm these are the highest reported causes:

  • 21% - partner’s lack of response
  • 28% - she wasn’t in the mood
  • 27% - she was too stressed
  • 24% - there was a lack of foreplay

So, never forget about foreplay, set the atmosphere, and start massaging!

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