Multiple Orgasms

Too much of a good thing?

That’s impossible!

WomanWhat’s better than having one orgasmHaving two!!

Men might not be aware that women have the ability to experience many orgasms in a very short amount of time because the male body is simply not wired this way. Men need a rest period between orgasms before they can have another one.

So, men take note – every woman has the ability to achieve multiple orgasms!

Anyone who has one orgasm has the potential to have another- it’s not some fluke of nature that just a select few experience. Multiple orgasms may be more difficult to achieve, but that’s when the man’s role comes into play…

A woman’s ability to be multi-orgasmic depends on many factors that you can help her with:

  • Her comfort level (with partner and with surroundings)
  • Her energy-level (level of stress and fatigue)
  • The sexual technique or position being used

So, create a comfortable atmosphere, make sure she’s stress-free, and ask her which position helps her achieve orgasm best.

Now, in order to help your girlfriend or wife become multi-orgasmic, it is important to be aware of the two types of multiple orgasms that she can experience…

1. Sequential Multiples

  • A series of climaxes that come close together (2-10 minutes apart)
  • There is an interruption in arousal before the first and second orgasm
  • Common scenario for this type is oral sex climax followed by climax in intercourse

2. Serial Multiples

  • Orgasms come one after the other (separated by seconds without interruption in arousal)
  • Occurs during intercourse when all the right spots are being stimulated (i.e. clitoris, G-Spot)

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