Vagina Civilisation


The mating call of the vagina can now be bought for $12.99 at your local record emporium!!!
The mating call of the vagina can now be bought for $12.99 at your local record emporium!!!

If global trends continue as they are now, it is predicted that by the year 2037 the woman's vagina will reign supreme over all of civilization as we know it, in the rise of the second Woman Empire,Aristasia. Under the new administration, men will be used only for fertilization such as when a woman/vagina wants to have offspring or only if it/she is rather horny.

Men will be addressed simply by numbers, e.g. #2774890. Each man will have their own unique number and must send a request to the almighty vagina for their needs, such as new clothing or food of their own choice. The food they'll receive by default will be beer and steak and they will have daily activities such as watching porn or sports shows from the 90s, in a highly effective method to keep men from questioning the world around them.

Women will also have a vast amount of freedom to do as they please and have the privilege of not asking the supreme vagina. This freedom will be spent shoeshopping 24-7. The shoe industry will experience an unparallelled economic boom. Science and technology will fade away as women will be too busy trying on shoes.

If any man or woman defies the rule of the supreme vagina, they will be tortured and automatically thrown into the death chamber which lies deep within the supreme vagina herself and straight into the placenta. There, the victims will be squeezed to death and if still alive, they will drown in acidic amniotic fluids. Vaginas also produces the funniest phone number in the world.

However, without a radical restructuring in policy this empire is doomed to fail like the first one.


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