"I created man as an image of myself, but when it came to women, I hit her between the legs with an axe"


"Have you ever parked your bike... in an airplane hangar?"

Fat lady from Deuce Bigalo Male Gigalo

"Its like throwing a hotdog in a hallway. Theres just nothing there"

Stewie Griffin
A highly inflamed vagina.
A highly inflamed vagina.

The Vagina (or more commonly known as 'the "Happy Hole"') is commonly considered to be small furry animal with possibly thousands of rows of razor-sharp, serrated teeth - capable of devouring large quantities of raw meat. The vagina has the distinction of being colloquially known as an "axe wound" in every spoken language on Earth. Also known as the thing-that-you-will-spend-nine-tenths-of-your-life-looking-for-but-never-getting.

Its primary justification is to give meaning to the existence offemales, for the vagina was made to give pleasure to men (among no other things) and is the one main reason why men keep women around (aside from breasts).

Females were created to be a host to vaginas and sustain their lives by supplying oxygenated blood, and enable transportation to fresh kills of raw meat. Some experts claim the that the original intended use of the vagina (note: the orange ones fuck you up real good) was to steal any fresh kitten souls from men who've been huffing - which explains why the male becomes lethargic and the female energized after sex.

Professors of vaginology are commonly referred to as vaginarians, vaginalogists or vagiterians. That they may be called gynecologists is a vagination of clitorical proportion.


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