Vagina Jokes-Pope Benedict XVI's Address on the Existence of the Vagina

With more questions being asked daily and public pressure mounting, during his 2008 visit to the United StatesPope Benedict XVI spoke publicly for the first time regarding his stance on the existence of the vagina. The statement is as follows:

...and finally to my subjects:

In recent months, so-called 'authorities' have been fueling the public imagination with unwarranted speculation on the vagina. It is God's will that the subject of the vagina is not to be explored, and is not supposed to be questioned. We shall know in due time, once God tells us what it is for. Man may question or even speculate on the purpose of the vagina, but no conclusions should be drawn unto its origin. I do not have a vagina, nor have I ever seen one. I'm not even sure if I have a butthole or not. We must not question God's motives on the existence of the vagina. If anyone here now has ever seen a vagina, please email me a picture at Rest assured that all these pictures will be forwarded personally to me for quick viewing.

God bless you, and may your life be free of freak Skil-Saw accidents.


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