Vagina Jokes-Vagina Notes

  • Hillary Clinton's vagina is a very scary place. it eats small children and uses their bones to make the necks of vagina shaped guitars! (However, the Democrats deny its existence.)
  • In some South American countries vaginas are known as chorros which is a Spanish word for the shellfish known to the rest of the world as mussels. Streetwalkers are known to frequently bathe their vaginas in salt water which helps keep their chorros fresh.
  • Also, it should be noted, as it is important to know, that vagina is very hard to rhyme. It was successfully rhymed with words like Sa-brina, sublime-aaahhhhhhhh, lima, and Regina.
  • Vaginas require significant maintenance with specialized tools. Maintenance is typically conducted on a monthly basis. Should you note a string hanging from a vagina, your best bet is to leave it alone. Better yet, leave the woman attached to it alone, as well.
  • Vaginas are one of the most common storage places on the human body. Bottles, luggage, lettuce, hand grenades, beer and semen are a few of the things that women have been known to keep in their vaginas. Spare change may also be kept in them when the piggy bank does not have any remaining capacity.

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