VAGINA ON THE LOOSE: The social dynamics of freeing a word-the vagina

People are afraid to say the word vagina no wonder I could still find domain MYVAGINA.ORG in 2008! This fellow writer talks about the social dynamics of freeing a word-the vagina
vaginaPeople, apparently, have a hard time saying "vagina." Not just men or dainty Victorian women or shy schoolboys. Vagina has also been known to be a mouthful for hardcore feminists--a difficult and unflattering word lacking empowerment and proper descriptive elements. It's easy to say in print because the writer doesn't have to say it; the reader does. Vagina. You see? Turn the word over in your head a few times and it sticks, like a bad Christmas carol, popping up in mid-thought and preventing complete sentences and clear thinking. Now you can't get it out of your head, but are you ready to ...

Source: Santa Fe Reporter

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