10 Myths And Lies About Virgins

I would first like to state that I am in my twenties and still a virgin.  It seems to be that there is a lot of discussion about the 

hardships of being a sexually active woman and the ways in which society cruelly labels such women.  (Slut, tra

mp, etc.)  But I would also like to share a perspective from the "oppos

ite" side of the spectrum.  When you're a virgin, people also assume certain t

hings about you as well.  If anything, I've noticed people play this game of "Is she

 REALLY a virgin?"  Once they find out about my lack of 

sexual history.  I have to very careful of what I say or do lest some one whisper 

behind my back that I'm really a slut lying about being a virgin.  (I find other women can be very cruel when it com

es to doing this.)

I would like to point out a lot of the myths and some blatant LIES 

about being a virgin.  Partly so that other people will 

understand that virgins are not sexless hermits who live in caves and poun

d their clothes on a rock.   But also because I'm sick of having to watch every

thing I say or do for fear of being accused of not being a virgin.

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  1. Virgins do not have strong sex drives.  Otherwise they wouldn't be virgins.
  2. Virgins do not act overtly sexual towards men.  It's just not a virgin like way to be.  (Virgins should be shy around the opposite sex.)
  3. Virgins know very little about sex.  If they talk about sex a lot or seem to "know" a lot of facts about sex, then they're most likely lying about the whole virgin thing.  (Please! As if a virgin can't read a book and the only way to know about sex is to put a penis in your vagina.)
  4. All virgins are looking to give their virginity to their true love, i.e. husband. (Virginity means different things to everybody.  One girl might want to give her virginity to her true love.  Another might want to enjoy a brief fling with her best friend.  (Male or female.)
  5. If a girl hasn't had sex by a certain age, chances are it's because she's ugly.  (Believe it or not, I've actually had a guy tell me this before.)
  6. If a girl hasn't had sex with a guy by a certain age, chances are it's because she's actually a lesbian.  (I've had this accusation flung my way.  It seems that if you are not sleeping with one gender, people start to assume you're doing the other one.)
  7. Virgins DRESS like virgins.  Which, in most people's books, seems to include a head to toeQuaker get up complete with built in chastity belt.
  8. All virgins are deeply religious.  Not an insulting presumption, but you have to understand a girl could be a virgin for any number of reasons. Not solely religious ones.
  9. Virgins dislike talking about or hearing about sex.  The whole thing makes them jittery. (If you believe this, I also have some prime real estate in the Everglades you might like to buy.)
  10. Virgins have a highly romantic view of sex.  I think this myth goes a long with the idea that virgins are these "pure" individuals waiting to be swept off their feet and made love to on a bed of rose pedals..With a wedding ring on our finger..Behind a white picket fence.

The truth is that virgins CAN be lusty, sexually informed, flirty, and enjoys the attentions of a man just like any other woman.

And cut out the "Is she Really a virgin game?" game.  You're getting on US virgins nerves.

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