16 Year Old Girl And I'm Dying for girls

I'm sixteen years old and I can't say when I first started to be interested in boys, because I've always been interested more with girls. I consider myself bicurious. Since about six or seven I've been fascinated with masturbating... I love touching myself. I used to think I was sick because I would think of girls, I thought it was wrong, mainly because my father is so against homosexuality. But more and more I realized I like girls the same way I like boys, and it's not a bad thing.

While swimming just recently, a couple of my girl friends and I were messing around, and I was holding onto my friend. I wrapped my legs around her hips and she kind of brought her legs up so our bodies were touching, and I felt myself get excited. I haven't told anyone, even her, and she's my best friend, that I like girls. But the way we were touching was driving me crazy, and I like to think she felt the same way. I just wanted to kiss her and make her feel good, and I realized I have a crush on my best friend. I've felt this way about her since we first began talking, and I wish I was only brave enough to tell her how I feel.

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