45 Years Old And Still No Guys Shows Up!

I am 45 years old. My sexual experience is the lack of sexual experience. I am not one of the pretty girls and men just don't seem very interested. There is nothing wrong with me. I think I have a nice slim shapely body, but I do not look like anyone on television. I haven't been "saving myself" for anything. I just want to have an intimate physical relationship with someone I feel comfortable with and have some affection towards. I don't think that is too much to ask.

I have gone through the past 30 years hopefully going out and meeting people. I have pursued a successful career and generally gone about living my life, thinking that someday I would meet someone. But now I have begun to lose hope.

I am approaching menopause and my hormone levels are shooting through the roof. I can't stop thinking and fantasizing about sex in every possible form. I am going nuts I am so randy. I have never had much success with the "self love" approach,I have bought a shower massager and I can at least hope I get some release there. We are where we are in life and we have to go on from there.

I can't believe that I am alone in this situation. This history is for the others like me that are out there.

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