A Boy Declined My Love-I am Lost

The first boy I consciously remember wanting to have sex with was a classmate of mine, one J. Thomas. He had long hair and a sweet smile, he got excellent grades, and he was musical. I wanted him so bad it hurt. The only time I had any interaction that even vaguely indicated how much I wanted him was when I asked him to dance with me at a school dance. He politely refused, and broke my heart. I'm a year or so older now, still underage, and still want to jump him, but we're at different schools and he'll most likely just be a dream for the rest of my life. Desire has now spread, and I am very attracted to one of my friends (my age, female) and one of my cousin's friends (several years older, male). I've never had the nerve to say anything about it to either of them, but I desperately want a relationship. I don't know what I'm doing.

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