A G-Spot Experience

Ever asked yourself what G-spot was and how to use it in your sexual pleasure? Then read this story by an anonymous contributor.

Last week, my boyfriend tried something new on me. He began touching my pussy, then told me to turn over onto my stomach. I did so and he put two fingers inside my vagina. Normally when he put his fingers inside when I'm laying on my back it feels so wonderful, but he cannot get his fingers at such an angle that I get the perfect friction on my G-Spot. With me on my stomach though, oh my god, I was screaming and gasping for breath. He put his fingers in, and massaged my G-spot, my pussy, and my butt. I had to bite the pillow to keep from screaming loud enough for the neighbors to hear. If your lover and you ever want to try something wonderful, do this! It lacks body-on-body closeness, but it feels oh so good! Also make sure when they are inside you, their palm is facing down towards the bed. Happy loving!

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