A Monumental Tragic Love Story

I'm from India so I got married in the traditional way {arranged}. I met my husband just two weeks before our wedding and I developed an instant crush on him. My husband was always very secretive so I thought that it was his nature. But two years after our wedding he eloped with another women. I was so much in love with him I never suspected him. He was also very kind to me. We used to have sex but he never really penetrated me. Whenever I used to say "I Love You," He would hesitate before replying. When he left I was devastated. I spent ten months in a rehabilitation. Eight years have passed after he left but I still remember him before falling asleep. Then a few weeks ago I met him in a mall. He approached me and asked how many kids I've got, and that the women died in a car crash two months after leaving. And then I lost control and kissed him. I didn't marry anyone else so I invited him to my home. There too I lost myself and we had sex. He said he was too ashamed to return to me. But two days after this incident he too died, just when I thought I had him.

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