An Ejaculatory Story!

When I was about 11, 12 or so, I was at my great aunts house with my mom for the weekend. I masturbated by "humping" a Teddy Bear while fingering myself at like 2 or 3 in the morning. When I finally came to that climax I ejaculated. But, at the time, I thought I had urinated on the bear (I had NEVER heard that women could ejaculate like that). I was SO embarrassed. I tried to wipe the bear off, and hide it until it dried. Well, what I didn't know is that we were leaving the next morning. My mom went to pack up my stuff, and found the bear. She asked me about it being wet. I did not have the courage to tell my mother I had used the bear to help me orgasm, and then accidentally peed on it.... we just did not talk about sex in our household. I learned what sex was from friends and whatnot. So, I lied and told her that I was dreaming, thought I had gotten up to go to the bathroom and hadn't actually. My mom started yelling at me, freaking out. Basically, it was a REALLY bad experience for me.

Fast forward to like teenish years later. My husband and I are having sex. It is going amazing! (That man could give me better orgasms than I gave myself, he just understood my body, and me that good) He is giving me oral, while fingering me. As I orgasmed, I ejaculated. I immediately jumped up, apologized profusely to him. I thought that I had again urinated during the intensity of the orgasm. All of these horrible flashbacks of my mother calling me "retarded" for not getting up and going to the bathroom started flashing through my mind. He just looked at me and kind of grinned. Asked me if that had ever happened before, I did tell him the truth, but without the horrible details. THAT was when he told me that I did not urinate. I ejaculated. I didn't believe him at first, thought he was just trying to make me feel less embarrassed. We sat there and talked about it for like 30 minutes, and then he even looked it up online for me, just to show me that he was not BSing me. He even convinced me to smell and or taste it if it ever happened again.

I felt so many emotions all at once. I felt foolish for freaking out, and I also felt kind of sad about the fact that my husband knew more about the subject I did, after all I was 22 years old, had a daughter and had been having sex for 6 years, masturbating for god knows how many years. But he was SO great about it.... from that day forward, I was never embarrassed about "squirting" during orgasm. Now, I really like it when it happens. I mean, all orgasms are GREAT, but those ones are just a bit... more. At least for me they were.

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