Are you a Leg, Breast,Ass or Vagina Man

I came across this hilarious post another day by a fellow selfstyled vagina blogger over at GRUMPY UNCLE EDDIE He was basically saying this"...“No,” I said, “I’ll mention the va-j-jay. If you want to talk about the p-p, you’ll have to get your own blog.”

Maybe she will. It would be an interesting competition to see whose blog got the greatest number of hits on a day when her topic might be “French Cooking and Brad Pitt’s Penis” and my topic was “The Gold Standard and Sigourney Weaver’s Vagina.”

Okay. I will actually speak here briefly about vaginas before moving on: Woody Allen once said, “I have the desire to return to the womb. Any womb.”

This is the sort of urbane vagina comment that only Woody Allen can get away with. You know, like the time he said, “May Ling, is that your vagina or are you just glad to see me?”

Back to that actual speaking of vaginas thing: I never quite understood how some men were breast men, other men were leg men, and then the rest were ass men. I’m a vagina man. I like the vagina. .." You can read the full post at his blog at GRUMPY UNCLE EDDIE

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