Blindfolded Sex

My favourite techniques are a little bit different. You see, I am engaged to a lovely 24 year old man (I am three years younger), and the most powerful orgasms I've had from masturbation were with him! Although I have always been devoted to masterbation since a young age (7), sharing it with someone you love simply can not compare. Especially when you are doing it simultaneously!

It is a cliche, but love has truly opened up amazing doors for me both inside the bedroom and out. Orgasming while experiencing the tender touch and warm of someone else is truly something incredible. Nothing gives me multiples like doing it with my man in the room. There are several techniques we use together.

My personal favourite is when I am lying perpendicular to him, legs spread eagle and he is entering me while lying on his side. He will thrust slowly at first, while I begin to tease my clit. When he starts off by grabbing my leg and caressing it with his lips, it is all I can do to prevent myself from cumming at the single touch of my swollen clit. I will begin slowly, with my eyes closed, teasing the lips and the area around the clit, while I enjoy the thrusting and his deep, murmuring voice. Then, as I begin to work on the clit, I will open my eyes and naughtily peek out of the corner, watching his hips thrusting and the look of sheer contentedness on his face. Well, ladies, that is enough to send me over the edge and before I know it, waves of multiple orgasms are hitting me. At this point, he will take over and continue rubbing me until I sigh in satisfaction, or pull out and place his tongue on my sensitive clitty, torturing me until I collapse and beg him to stop.

The second most favorite technique is being blindfolded while lying on my back naked, legs spread. He will begin by stroking my hair and slowly moving down to my breasts as my hands wander. I will innocently ask him to tell me a bedtime story while I stroke myself, and he will recount an erotic tale as my fingers move in and out of my warm pussy, and my thumb circles my clit. The best part is when I am about to climax and he will suddenly shove his erect penis into my mouth, urging me to lick it like one of the heroines in his stories. There is just something so sensual about this, it is like having my fantasies come true. Especially when he ejaculates all over my face as I begin to thrust my hips wildly.

He has now temporarily moved to the other side of the country to complete his education. Although I miss him terribly, these past experiences serve as powerful fantasies for my alone time.

There is nothing like the thought or presence of a good, loving man to make me feel so feminine and erotic! And I look forward to even more experiences ;)

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