He Fucked Me To Heaven!

So I just turned 19, and my boyfriend is home from college. One night after dinner, I felt aroused by his cologne, so I told him I'd be back. I went into my bathroom, locked the door, and started slipping my fingers inside my pussy. Slowly, then fast, I was lying on my back, breathing heavier and heavier. Just as I was getting off, the door popped open, and he stared blankly with a smile on his face. I got even more turned on, and pulled him down to the floor, pulled his pants down, and playfully kissed his chest, going down below to his dick. He pulled me up, and we went into my room. He said we should do it right. So he threw me onto the bed, climbed on top and pulled the covers on top of us. It was summer, so it was extremely hot, making our bodies sweat furiously. His tongue went down to my pussy, and his fingers went in at the same time. Deeper, and faster, slower and slower, moaning and squirming around. It was mine and his first time, so I was nervous as hell. He caressed my hair, kissed my neck, and I was in heaven. When he put it in, I screamed and shuttered, and he lowered his head into my chest, and the heat was amazing. Slip and slide! Once he came, I came, and we screamed in pleasure. After we made love, we fell asleep in each others arms. We still have crazy good sex everywhere, including in the rain outside in the backyard facing onto the highway.

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