His Tongue Felt So Warm And Sharp

My absolute favorite sex is when my boyfriend starts by going down on me. He did this the other night and it was amazing. He started by pinning my hands behind my head with his, kissing my neck and breasts. His heavy breathing and animal-like movements were a huge turn-on. Once he let my arms go, he opened my legs and pinned them down, if my hands wandered down to investigate what he was doing, he would pin them back to the bed. His tongue felt so warm and sharp as it darted over every nerve. Knowing I love it when he puts his finger in, he just touched the outside of my opening; teasing me enough to moan and buck-which was stifled by hands gently pinning my legs once more. The sensations down there were almost too much, it got to a point where I could feel every little lick as though he was licking all of my insides. When my whole body began to tremble and shake-a finger came in to toy with my insides. I squeezed him hard during the release of an orgasm. He stayed on and licked until I tried to squirm away. I lay on the bed panting and moaning, legs apart and very wet. He slid in and a second wave of pleasure hit me. I began squeezing him on purpose this time, watching him sweat and quiver. He moaned and leaned his head down to kiss my neck, all the while hitting my g-spot at the perfect angle-hard enough to make me scream into his shoulder. As he started to cum, he pulled out and finished himself on me, spraying all over my vagina, legs, and lower tummy. I'm on birth control, but the semen often irritates the inside if my vagina. This method is my favorite because it makes sex painless and enjoyable. Since he just pleasured me, it makes me want to pleasure him as well. I love giving him head, and often he'd rather have sex to get his orgasm. He's the only person I've has sex with and we started less than a year ago, so I haven't been able to cum from sex alone. Luckily my partner wants sex to be enjoyable for both of us.

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