How I came to learn about sexuality and orgasm

I am very happy to share my sexual experiences. And at the same time, very sad to hear that many women are not enjoying their sex lives. Ladies, we must take charge of our sexuality! Enjoy sex! Make love! It is great fun! What a pleasure to share this joy with your husband or the one you love.

I want to assure you that everything I share with you is the complete truth. I absolutely love sex and it is my wish that ALL women learn to enjoy sex too! It angers me, deep into my soul, when I hear that women fake orgasms. Why in the world would you do such a thing?! Get the pleasure you deserve! Why let the man come when you don't? I truly cannot understand this way of thinking. Sex is to enjoy. Personally, I don't think I would continue to have sex if I was not reaching orgasm. In the beginning of my relationship with my husband (before we were married) I recall having sex a couple of times and not reaching orgasm. This angered me and I shared it with him. I was jealous. Why should he get all the fun? We MUST communicate with our partners.

I want to share with you how I came to learn about sexuality and orgasm. I was in second grade (probably 7 or 8 years old) and I began to learn about sex from one of my babysitters, as well as my two sisters. Some of you may think of this as incest, or that perhaps my babysitter was molesting me. I assure you, this is not the case. I feel so strongly that we need to be more open about our sexuality, and that simply by doing so we can take aware some of the fear and shame that seems to go along with it. As I grew to be a teenager and learned about sexual abuse, there were times that I questioned what I had experienced as a young girl. As I continued to grow as a young women, it became more clear to me that the experience was for learning, and I learned to enjoy sex, and I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. My babysitter was a female, as am I, and my two sisters. Our babysitter was only a few years older than us and I am sure she had been learning about sex in school and was curious. We used to play games and explore each others bodies. The pleasure was shared by each of us. We were practicing and learning about our own bodies and our own sexuality.

You may be surprised to know that I grew up in a Catholic home. Granted, my mother was not a strict Catholic, as she would share with us how she disagreed with the church, but we went to church every Sunday while I was growing up and I went to Catholic school up until college. There were times when I wondered if what I was doing was a sin, but convinced myself that it simply could not be, as I am a human being, and I do believe I was created by God, and I also believe that we were created to ENJOY LIFE! Not to shy away from that which feels good. I firmly believe that when we reach orgasm we become closer to God. I believe that sex is a spiritual act. When we have sex with our partner, we are sharing the deepest, most intimate part of ourselves with each other. Having an orgasm is like experiencing a piece of heaven on earth!

Have you ever wondered why you have a clitoris? It serves only one purpose, PLEASURE!! USE IT!! Play with it. Let your lover play with it. Let your lover see you play with it!

I feel that perhaps I have been blessed to have had such a wonderful experience with sex in my life. I am 31 years old, and fortunately I cannot recall ever having a bad sexual experience. I started masturbating regularly at the age of 8 and started having sexual intercourse regularly at the age of 16. Perhaps you are wondering if I am a lesbian or have such thought since my sexual experiences began with other girls. I will tell you that I love men. I love having sex with men. There is nothing better than having a large, erect penis inside of me. However, I do find women extremely attractive. I enjoy seeing women pleasure each other. The female body turns me on, probably more than the male. However, I still prefer sex with a male. I love my husband, and I love having sex with him. We have a great relationship. And honestly, we have a simultaneous orgasm almost every time. YES, ALMOST EVERY TIME! This simply comes from good communication and a little bit of practice. Early on in our relationship he would come right away - not surprising for a man. I simply talked to him about this and asked that he wait until I come. It took a little practice, but ladies, if your man will tell you that he is going to come and you are not ready he can stop and wait - it is possible. And ladies, in order to learn how to come, you MUST masturbate. You must learn for yourself what you need to do to reach orgasm.

There is one more thing I would like to share. I have given birth to two wonderful children. Both were born vaginally and breast fed. Ladies, if you have not had a child yet, just you wait! After giving birth and breast feeding I noticed that my sexual organs seemed to become even more sensitive! It is as if having a child "woke up" my G-spot (which, by the way, I think stands for "good spot") and my nipples became much more sensitive as well. It did seem a little strange to me though, that when I would breast feed I would become sexually aroused sometimes. It is as though my nipples are somehow connected to my clitoris! I want to assure you, that even though I would have sexual feelings while breast feeding I would never think of having sex with my child. It was a bit confusing to me. However, I let my husband know that my nipples were more sensitive and let him pleasure me. Ladies, if your nipples are sensitive, have your partner suck on them during sex. This can really help enhance your clitoral sensations and reach orgasm. As I mentioned before, my G-spot also became much more sensitive and now really feel the need to have something inside me pressing on it in order to reach orgasm. And what a great orgasm it is!

All this talk is making me horny. I think I will go masturbate!

I hope that all of you women out there are enjoying sex. My theme really is that you must take charge of your own sexuality! Enjoy your body, enjoy your clitoris, enjoy orgasm! That is what it is here for.

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