How I Discovered My Vagina

As a young child I knew that I had a "hole" between my legs. My mother bought me a book about how children are born when I was about 5 (suited for my age), so I knew that adults have sex, men insert their "pea" in the women's "butterfly" and leave there a seed that combines with a seed provided by the woman and a baby starts, develops and finally is expelled through the same opening in the woman's "butterfly".

I also knew that this hole was small and elastic, since I had seen myself and I had seen other females naked, both child and adult (and animal too!), and knew that no female had a hole the size of a child or pup.

What I did not know is that the hole does not go just "up". It goes "back"! Therefore I had always imagined the cavity to go parallel to the rest of my body, straight towards the head.

When I started to experiment in earnest I was about 8 or 9. I knew that what I was doing was related to sex. I did not know what was the name for it, but I already had a sexual imagery. At the time it was quite geared towards the BDSM, which I later totally dropped: it now bores me; although again I did not know what it was and the name for it.

That far, though, my sessions were essentially based on laying face down in the bed and humping my own hand through my panties. At that age, though, I started elaborating on, it, using various objects to stroke with and, at a certain point, had an idea: if adult women could feel such pleasure by having their lovers insert their dick in that hole, I could do the same with an object.

I also knew that my pussy was smaller than an adult's and had an obstruction of some kind that would be, in time, ripped in discomfort. But I did not want to rip it just then (to avoid the discomfort, obviously).

I started playing with a pen, something that's handy for a schoolgirl. I would "rummage" with the tip of its rounded cap until I hit the opening, then browse around with it and suddenly the unexpected happened: oops, it slid it. It was unexpected because I was holding the pen towards me, not straight up, but in it went all the same. And with no pain of discomfort at all. It was good. It was more of a mental thing since the pen was really slender and I could not feel much, but the thought of having something inside was good: it made me feel a grown up, it made feel experienced.

Later I learned something about hygiene and stopped using pens. I became quite careful about cleanliness: I would wash my hands before and after masturbating and I would insert only clean things in my cunt. I started using those cotton sticks for cleaning ears (I don't know their name in English), then thought that I could use anything as long as I washed it with soap before and after, so I went back to pens (larger ones this time) and I started using fingers, and finally I had a really naughty idea about the glass "pestle" my granny used to tenderize the meat, which had (and still has!) a fat handle, almost the size of an erect penis, and by the time I started using it I had a pretty good idea about the size of an erect penis, although I was still a virgin (about 14) from TV and magazines and general talk.

They all went in, now that I knew how to angle them, without any pain or discomfort. The tenderizer felt tight, but not bad at all. Actually, after a few times the tightness went away and it slid in smoothly as I grew accustomed to its girth, my muscles grew relaxed and I lost any fear.

The first time I had penetrative sex with a male partner I was totally relaxed, at least from the physical point of view. Psychologically it's always a barrier (and there is a minor barrier every time you let a new partner penetrate you) because offering to a more-or-less stranger your own concave body isn't totally devoid of worries, every single first time. I actually knew better than him, who wasn't at his first experience, what to do and where and how it had to do. After he tried a couple of times to penetrate me without directing his penis, and did cause me a bit of discomfort that he mistook for a hymen, I took charge, rolled him to his back and did the whole business. Slide it across my cunt to lubricate it more, position and slowly take it in. Easy, isn't it? He could not believe that I was a virgin, both because I knew my anatomy (and that should be something every girl knows for health related, not necessarily sexual, reasons) and because I didn't feel any pain once I took control and there was no blood.

I was probably born with a really rudimentary or nonexistent hymen to start with, which is out of luck and could not be taken for granted by women out there. I also probably started to stretch it as a young child, when it was much thinner, and kept gently working it until it totally lost coherence.

But getting to know my own body, and my pussy, in detail helped me a lot in those early days of partnered sex. Do not hesitate to explore your own body before making (penetrative) love with another person. You will not just learn how to have pleasure but also how to avoid pain. If your hymen is particularly developed, don't do like my friend who waited until 24 to have (penetrative) sex just to find that her hymen was thick and she was tense for it and all. And if you do have a particularly bad hymen, go to a gynecologist and have it surgically removed (a tiny almost bloodless and painless cut), and if he or she refuses, change gynecologist until it's done.

Every girl has the right to a painless first time. And to have lots of fun while making it so

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