How I Touched A Dogs Penis

When I was around nine years old, I remember taking a walk around the neighborhood. This little rottie mix came up to me as I was passing his house. I had seen him around before. I noticed, when he rolled over, that his small red penis was hanging out. I ignored it and kept petting him. Then, when he was on all fours, I remember "accidentally" letting my hand reach down to touch his penis. If I had to describe the feel of a dog's penis I'd say it feels like if you were to put a pen into a sock and squeeze on it. There is a hard bone in there, making it far different in feel than a man's dong.

Fascinating to touch. He wrapped his little paws around my arms and humped.

After a while the dog backed off and I noticed that his owner was standing in the doorway. I don't think she recognized what I was doing (the dog's fur was long and I was also petting his head) and I don't think she would have believed it if she did. (Funny what girl's can get away with, mmmm?) But, still, I ran on home as if a bolt of lightening had struck my bum. I lay in fear for the rest of the day. Fearing the woman had called the police or had called my mom to tell her what I'd been up to. I felt like suck a sick degenerate. Every car door that closed outside I imagined was the police coming to take me away. I shiver just thinking about it all.

Still I imagine what I felt that day. Wet between the legs as I rushed home.

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