How To Best Loose Your Virginity

I hear a lot of woman talk/complain about how their "first time" with a man was painful or a 'hurry up and get this over with so I don't have to admit to being a virgin any more'. I think that's unfortunate. I dabbled with masturbation during my teen years, and picked someone I really felt a connection with when I finally did have sex (not some random guy to go ahead and 'get it over with'). No, I didn't orgasm the first time we had intercourse, but I didn't feel badly about that! As new partners, it took us some time to learn how to fully pleasure each other, but I don't think either of us minded the experimentation and practice! I grew up in a strict military home, and my mother was very religious, so the topic of sex as anything other than procreation was never mentioned. When I first discovered masturbation, it was a guilty pleasure that I kept secret from all but a few close friends (who had their own sexual secrets to keep). Once I moved out on my own, I began to teach myself to enjoy my sexuality; anything from walking around my apartment in the nude, to buying a vibrator for a little extra personal fun. Stepping out on my own 'sexual journey' has made me more open-minded with my fiance's "sack session" ideas, and has also made me appreciate my body, and the pleasure it is capable of giving both me, and my soon-to-be husband! I hope everyone can be as comfortable with their sexuality as I have learned to be!

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