I am a lover of oral sex

I am a lover of oral sex. The first time it happen I went on vacation with a friend older than I, we had been swimming and went to our room to shower and change (You have to remember I am a lady of 86) she ask me had I ever showered with anyone, I told her I did with my sister, so she said why don't we shower together, my friend was a red head and her pubic hair was also very red in those days; what did we know of shaving. She made a comment about mine as it was very black and full, she ask me if she could run her hands through it for some reason I said go ahead. While she ran her hand through My Lady got excited she noticed it and said nothing and went down on it, I said no, no we shouldn't do this if anyone found out we would really be in trouble, but it felt so good. We were both wet with the shower, she said let me do it to you on the bed. There was no way that I could stop this so we went on the bed, she on her knees, my legs wrapped around her. She was licking all of my ladie, my cuming over and over. All she kept saying how good it tasted. I wanted to find out what she tasted like so I got up enough nerve to try her, Oh was it good, I never tasted anything like that. That was my first experience and I had many after that. I got married years later. I tried my husband and he did me many times. I never enjoyed a mans cum. I did enjoy watching him do himself. He passed away years ago so I found a young girl she is 30 yrs old and just loves women, so she likes to have a woman do her so I don't get enough but its better than nothing.

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