I Enjoy Being A Naughty, Sluty Girl

I once had quite ordinary sex with a guy, we both came and I thought we were finished. But after a few minutes rest he got horny again and started fucking me, my pussy still full of his cum. The fact that he wanted to do it again so soon after his first orgasm, but also and especially the fact that I still had all of his juices inside my cunt whilst he put his cock into it again made me feel so naughty, like I was such a slutty girl, that I experienced the fastest arousal ever and about the strongest orgasm I remember. I was unable to move for several minutes after that, it totally blew me away. He didn't do any special moves at all, just my thinking, or let´s say whatever happened in my brain that let me totally go off was the only cause for this amazing orgasm. Since that day, I fantasize about having sex with two or more men who fuck me one after another, filling my pussy with their cum over and over again, it´s a huge turn on for masturbation.

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