I Enjoy Sleepy Sex

I enjoy sleepy sex. I have always liked to pretend to be unconscious, e.g. pretending to faint or being knocked out. I get very aroused going limp and having someone pick me up and carry me. It started when I was very young, about seven, and my brother would "knock" me out (a very weak blow to the head) and then carry me. We would play these games when alone, and they continued into our teens. We both got aroused but would never do anything inappropriate. However, one night we went over the line. I was 15, and he was two years older. A warm summer night, he was watching TV in the living room and I was in the back of the house reading and watching some tv in my room. We were home alone, and I began to fantasize about being knocked out and carried away and becoming very aroused. I considered masturbating,but decided to see if he wanted to "play" and act out this fantasy. I was wearing a very short summer dress (he always said I had the best legs of any girl in town} and went out to the living room and sat right in front of him so he could not see the TV. He could see I was in a "playful" mood, and I refused to move. I kept saying "make me" when he said get out of the way. He put his hands around my neck and pretended to choke me, and of course this was my cue to go limp in his arms. He let me lie there for a minute or so and continued to watch TV. My body was across his lap, and when I felt he was getting an erection I knew he was getting turned on and it increased my state of arousal. My dress had hiked up exposing my underwear and he slowly touched my thigh and moved his hand up and down my leg. He then gently picked up my limp body and carried me down the hall to my bedroom. He gently placed me on the bed, and I let my legs fall apart as he let go. At this point I wanted him to touch me, and I think he had to know it. He slipped his hand under my panties and began masturbating me. Then he leaned over and gently kissed me, and I tried to remain "out" but it became impossible--I responded. We ended up sleeping together that night, and I still get wet just thinking about it these many years later.

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