I Enjoyed His Knee!

When I was 5 or 6 my best friend was a guy we would always have sleepovers, every sleep over his knee would bump my vulva while he was sleeping. I would slightly push myself forward on his knee and it felt great. This continued on till I was around 11. We went to different schools in junior high but we still were in contact. Then when I was 16 or so he transferred to my school, we where in the same class. When I was doing a research project he was my partner so we went to his house when his parents were out of town (his sister was in university) he said he loved me. Then I too shared my feelings, and I had loved him ever since grade 5. We dated for some time, then one day we were at his house (alone again) and he came closer to me and told me to slip off my pants. I did enthusiastically, because I knew that our relationship had to get going (we were 18). He told me to get on top of him, I did so (we were lying down). Then he started touching me all over, he slipped his fingers beneath my bra and squeezed my breasts. After that he slipped his hands into my underwear and started pressing on my vulva. OH goodness it felt so good! I started moaning and yessing, telling him to go faster. Then I orgasmed, it was the best feeling I got from him. He asked if I could do a favor for him, I said sure. He took off his pants and boxers, unveiling his huge cock, I was impressed. I started rubbing it till it got wet, he also moaned. We did this whenever we could. Now I am twenty-eight and we are married, we still do the same thing, but also have sex [intercourse]!

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