I Have Masturbated Ever Since I can Remember

A masturbation and sex story from an anonymous lady

Now in my seventies, I have masturbated ever since I can remember. I lost my virginity at 17, a very distasteful experience. The boy barely got his penis into me when he 'shot his load'. He drove me home and I masturbated to orgasm in my own bed. I married at 19 to a man three years older and he had no problem with the fact that I masturbated regularly. Before we were married we had confessed to one another that we masturbated. If anything, he encouraged me to continue the practice and we often masturbated together. For my 21st birthday he presented me with my first vibrator. It was a very noisy thing but I could really orgasm quickly with it. He would kneel beside me and masturbate watching me. Then we would have sex. (I still find it difficult to use the "F" word).

Over the years, each of my birthdays brought another 'toy' for me and I now have a very extensive collection which I use. He is gone now but I still enjoy myself on a regular basis

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