I Like Erotic Literature

Fantasies arouse me a lot. Imagining that someone is watching me strip my clothes, observing my breasts arouses me. Porn is one of my favorites. I really like reading sex and masturbation stories. Right now I am so horny that I had to pull off my pants and underwear. I usually masturbate after watching porn or reading erotic stories.

It started when I was around 14. I used to lock my room and change cloths without closing the windows. I liked the feeling of someone watching my naked breasts, but that didn't happen even once. One day, I was with my cousin and we started discussing masturbation. Then we slowly touched each other's breasts and private parts with clothes on. We didn't proceed further. Slowly, since we liked it a lot, with the pretense of reading a book or something else, we used to lock ourselves in a room and strip ourselves naked. We touched each others private parts and I realized my nipples were getting bigger. She would play with my nipples and I would ask her to squeeze them tight. We then slowly went over to the bed, she on top of me, rubbing my breasts, and my pussy became so wet, the moment she touched it, I couldn't let her take her hands off it. Then she rubbed my pussy softly in circular motions and slowly came the wonderful feeling.

Now, I masturbate naked. The touch of a cool bed sheet against my naked pussy feels so good. I first rub my pussy against it, then slowly hump using my pillow or some clothing.

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