I Like Showing Off My Body To Attract Sex Parteners

I'm 25 and seem to be hornier than I was in the past, along with always being a bit of an exabitionist. Last summer I started playing a little game on Mondays, my day off work. I would go shoe shopping with a short skirt on and flash the sales girl. I never flashed a male clerk. I don't know if I feel safer flashing a woman or maybe I think it isn't cheating on my husband. The first couple times I flashed my panties and then I adventured to doing it without panties on. The reactions I got were interesting, some would look away embarrassed and some would take a good glance at my pussy. Later when I got home I would have a real good masturbation session while thinking about the naughty thing I had just done.

Then one day when I had to pick up something for my husband, I walked past a shoe store I hadn't been to before. I noticed a quite attractive woman in her mid thirties helping a customer. Luckly I had a skirt on that day but I also had panties on, so I went back to my car and got my panties off. Then I watched till there there were no customers in the store and I went in. I pointed out some shoes I would like to try on. I began my shifting around like I was now experianced at to get my thrill at flashing. As I tried different shoes she started positioning herself to get a view of what I think is my pretty pussy. At one point our eyes met during our little dance and we both smiled knowing what we were doing. I was so hot over it I just hiked my dress a little more and spread my legs giving her a full view. This caused a look of sex to come over her face and to my surprise she ran her hand up the inside of my leg. As she was saying that she had never done anything like this before, she didn't hesitate to go straight to touch my pussy lips. I felt her finger penetrate me a little bit and then up to my clit. Her caress was the most pleasureable that I had ever been felt up. Much different than the men in my life that had poked and rubbed on me. I realized that a woman who masturbates herself knows best how to treat a clitoris. My teaseing had actually got me more than I had planned on. Moments later a couple of ladies walked in the store. Her hand darted back and I sat up. I purchased the shoes and left. All the way home I was working my clit fantasizing it was her finger. When I got home I called the store and told her I was masturbating my wet pussy with only the shoes on I had just bought. There must have been customers in the store because she was talking in code, like saying she injoyed helping me and to come back sometime. My next day off I was outside her store waiting untill it was clear of customers. When I went in she invited me back in the storage room where there was a lounge area. The first thing we did was kiss. I had never kissed a woman with passion like that, with our breasts pushed togeather. Her hand went right up my skirt to my bare pussy and I was feeling her's through the front of her pants.We were stopped by a buzzer signaling a customer had come in the front, so she went up to help them. I was so turned on that I got completely undressed and laid back on a couch there and played with myself. Every time she would come to the back to get a box of shoes she would do something to me, like suck my nipples or lick my pussy. I think that her useing her tongue on my clit was the best sexual experiance I have ever had. She licked it like I would lick it if I could reach it. At a point when there weren't customers, she took off her pants and I licked and sucked her for my first experiance. I'm sure this was the first time either of us has done something with a woman. About a dozen times over the past few months I have been at her store doing this with her. I love having sex with my husband but this little adventure I'm having with her is really thrilling.

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