I Like To Moan In Ecstasy

I had a teenage cousin who liked to sit me on his lap and play with me. I liked it, had no idea it could be deemed wrong. I have had two females and a few men at different times in my life. The first time a guy did that to me, I was 15, we were at an abandoned train stop station. He pushed me up against a wall in the building and knelt down in front of me, took my pants down and began to lick me. Ooohhh, I moaned with delight as I came. It really didn't take too long. The first time a female did that to me, we were 12, and were doing 69 on her bed at a sleep over. She writhed with pleasure as I helped her to achieve orgasm. I am now 52, a widow, and have a very good male lover at the present time, who's face fits well between my legs. His tongue stops and goes on me till I moan in ecstasy.

by Anonymous

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