I Like the Way He Loves My Body

I was 17 when my boyfriend 18 and I have been seeing each other for a few months. He was the first guy who kissed me more than 2 weeks ago after we had gone to a concert. He was the first one to touch my breast and kissed my nipple a week after that. It felt good. I love the way he love my body and the way he sucked and licked my pink virgin hard nipples, I could feel how much he love me. It felt good that cozy afternoon. His penis was the first that I have touch and masturbated, it felt strange at first but then it felt like the best work of art ever And his cum was the first cum that I had seen spurting out of a penis, he came so hard that it shoot right into my face.

After all those things that we have done, He asked me one morning if I was ever aroused at what he was doing to me, but I couldn't tell if I was or not coz I didn't know if I was or not, but all I know was that it felt good. He thought that he'd like to make me feel good. We were in his car that morning. there he kissed me.. I was in heaven again....he hugged me tight and slowly slid his tongue into my mouth and played with my tongue. He sucked my tongue and played with it, I then played with his and start sucking his tongue too. I was surprise how good it felt coz the first and last time we did kissed, I remember I was just still trying to feel what he was doing and with my eyes open and looking at his closed eyes and his handsome face. I was just not kissing back. He told me it's a French kiss.
He reached into the side of the car seat and lifted the lever to recline the back so I can lie down. I was at a point of shock by this time... is it really gonna happen? He came real close to me and he kissed me softly, and then harder and more passionately. He made his way to my breasts.. i loved it.. it felt soo good. He slid his hands up my shirt and took off my bra..... his hands were fondling my breasts.. my nipples were hard as my excitement grew ... he rubbed my nipples and pinched them slightly as if he was rolling raisin with his fingers . He started licking my breast and held my nipple between his lips and nibble on them .. mmm i didn't notice I was getting wet down there. He then asked me if he can touch me, and I thought to myself, where? And realized he meant to touch my untouched 17 year old virgin pussy. I looked at him and hesitantly nodded but was a little bit excited. He then slowly placed his hand on my knees and slowly caressed it way up my legs. He lifted my skirt and put his hand between my legs and touched me thru my pink silk panties.. I felt moisture between my legs and I was confused because I didn't have to pee. he started rubbing my pussy with his fingers and focused on my clit outside my panties, it was the first time someone has ever touched me down there... he rubbed it so gently.. i couldn't help but let out a deep moan as I looked into his dark brown eyes. He rubbed harder and ahhhh..and .uhmmm was all I could utter. I loooved it. ahhhhh. he then spread my legs wider and slowly tried to slid his fingers underside my panties to touch me, I held his hand and stopped him as I was afraid what he'll do. He hesitantly stopped and started rubbing my pussy from the outside of my now very wet panties again. It felt so good and I don't know what to do, should I just hug him or just stay still? But I couldn't stand the way he was touching me that I just have to hug him tight. I could feel him trying again to slip his fingers into my panties. I closed my legs so that he couldn't. He stopped and continued what he was doing before......outside my panties. After a while I whispered in his ears that I couldn't stand with what he is doing to me. He told me to just hug him tightly and just let go of it. Which I did and it felt sooo good. He spread my legs once again and started to rub my pussy harder this time that I felt like something was about to come out of me, I could feel the warmth of my body and chilling cold intensify and all I could do was hug him tighter and tighter. My whole body quivered as he slowly slide his finger once again into my panties. My body just responded and I opened my legs wider as he touched my bare virgin pussy for the very first time.. a place no one had ever touched. And I never felt so good in my entire life. He slowly flipped and rubs my clit from side to side with his fingers. I couldn't believe that my bare pussy is now being touch and fingered by a man. He continued to rub my clit by making a circular motion as my clit got harder and harder. It really felt good. He continued kissing me all those time and then slowly licked my ears then down to my neck and started licking his way even further down to my breast and sucked my now very hard nipples. I could feel both the sensation between my legs and in my nipple. After a while, I couldn't believe what he did, he spread my legs wide and lifted left leg, bends down his head and place it behind his neck. he went down and started kissing my thigh and slowly worked his way up between my legs and slowly licking his way up to my now very hot wet virgin pussy, I was now very wide open for him. And I think he liked what he saw, my pink gorgeous wet pussy and my hard erect glistening clit for the 1st time staring right in his handsome face. Wild and wet I could feel his very hot tongue touched my clit as he started licking my very wet pussy, my body started to get warm again. By now, I could feel the heat inside of me slowly building up to intensity. He started sucking my clit and licked the tip of it, then he spread my pussy lips apart with his fingers and..ooooh my gosh... I didn't know if it was my first orgasm or not but my body got so warm. As he sucked my clit and stretched his tongue and slid it inside of me and slowly pushed it inside my tight virgin pussy hole and suck and slurp the juice that came out of me so hard I couldn't hold still, I trust my pussy harder into his face and I wanted to scream from pleasure.. but I couldn't .... but did let out a soft deeeep mooooan...and ..ahhhhh! it was like the best sensation that had gone through my body.. He licked every drop of my sweet pussy juice. We hugged and kissed again inside his car til it was time for me to go back to my dorm. I remember I was so afraid that night. A part of me was happy and delighted and a part of me was wondering coz I didn't understand what happened.

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