I Love Small Dicks!

I was in the bookstore a while back when I came across this mammoth book about sex. As I was flipping through it, I came across this photo of a handsome man laying on his back. A thick, little dark penis rose up from between his legs. He wasn't a large guy, maybe only four inches if that. But I thought his penis was so cute and adorable. And I couldn't help imagining it inside of me. Climbing on top of him and riding his stubby member.

I LOVE SMALL DICKS. Maybe because its because I've never had one inside of me and think a smaller one would be less painful. But I also believe that I just find them more visually appealing than huge dongs. Like I said before, small dicks are just so more adorable to me. I would think having oral on one would be so much easier.

I hope that my first lover has a small, or at least somewhat average penis. I have no desire for a big male. The thought of being with a well endowed guy is NOT a sexual fantasy of mine. I just want any guy reading this to know that not all girls are aroused by big dicks. And some of us would just LOVE to get our hands on a beautiful, thick little stub of paradise. You just have to know where to look.

by Anonymous

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