I've masturbated for about 3 years now and love it

I've masturbated for about 3 years now and love it! I use the removable shower heads, tub faucets, pool jets and my fingers but I only stimulate my clitoris. I've tried my G-spot but I don't really enjoy it much.

A few months ago I was playing truth and dare with my best friend. I came up with the brilliant idea of kissing each other once for a double dare. It turned into more than one ...actually many in a few different intervals. I'm not a lesbian and I hate the idea even of that but this experience was incredible. We were laying on my bed at my sleep over that night and we started making out because we had decided that all of our kissing was practice for boys. I was on top of her and we were naked because we both liked the feeling of sleeping naked but there was a thin sheet between us. I was all into it although there was no tongue involved. I started humping her moving up further and further on her body. I started to come and we stopped kissing because it was getting awkward. To this day I wish she had been into it as much as I was and we could have masturbated together although she didn't know what masturbation was. I feel like getting on top of her right now and doing it all over again although we haven't spoken of it since. I think I might bring it up and see if she wants to do it again since I know its not sex and there's nothing wrong with experimenting.

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