I Was Willingly Raped!/

Long time ago, when I was a teenager, I was very much afraid of men. Every time my classmates lectured and write fun things about their boyfriends in class I would not make any comment. I would just laugh when they bring up sexual conversation. My friends would tell me that I would one day drop and pass out if I do not get rid of the excess female hormones in me. This continued for a while until I fled into exile. Then I met a guy who used to be very nice to me and my family. He continue visiting our house and helping my family. He approached me and we felt in love. He and I used to go places, hanged out have fun visit each other but could not come close together sexually. I was always afraid to have sex. One day he told me that we should have some quiet time together. I kept wondering what he meant by "quiet time". Finally we went into his room lecturing and having conversation from one thing to another and lastly he asked me to undress myself so we can have sex. This was my very first experience and I was scared to death. I was shivering and trembling and sweating. I refused to take off my clothes. He grasped my skirts and took it off. But he could not remove my pantie. I refused to take of my pantie. We fought and fought for a long time. However, as a woman, I could not over power him. He finally managed to take off my under draw. To be frank. It was a war. When he managed to penetrate. and I finally lost my virginity to him. It was not a fun at all; but I was grateful that I lastly knew about men. From that on we both had sex freely and it was a whole lot enjoyable. Wanting to experiment different style, we decided to have an anus sex. That was not a fun at all. From that point I refused to have any anus sex. We both still long together and had a beautiful baby girl. He left for another country and I was fortunate to migrate to the united States and met another romantic guy who I am now engaged to. The end.

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