Loosing Virginity-I Bled Heavily

I am currently nineteen and lost my virginity about a year and a half ago to my boyfriend of a few months. I had never masturbated before and had limited oral sex experience. I had never had an orgasm. The only expectation I had for my first time was pain and I was not disappointed in this. He was a virgin, too, so I imagine it did not last long, but all I could focus on was the immense pain. It could have been half a minute or half an hour. I have no idea. But this did not surprise me. Afterwards, we laid together and I bled all over his white sheets for hours. But I don't consider this a bad experience. Our relationship had not been long at the time but was very intense and we could not get enough of each other. After a while, sex (for me) got better. I don't regret the experience in the least, not even the pain. I'm glad I got the full experience from someone I trusted rather than experiment on my own just to prevent the pain. Losing our virginity together made us feel very close and I would not have done it any other way. Sometimes I feel the people on this website wish they had prepared themselves for sex more before they began with a partner. I would like to be a voice that says that its OK to learn together and experience all the emotions involved with sex, including both pleasure AND pain. It all depends on how you feel.

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