Menstruation and Vagina Poem-The Cunning Cunt

and that word 'cunt' 

my knowing cut off from its roots 

cunning, kenning, Kunti.


something more than 'contemptuous slang

for vagina or woman' : cunnus diaboli

devilish cunt

the church's name for caves and groves

sacred to the goddess.


slit, snatch, beaver, box, tail

vulgar for vulva, even your mother said Don't

touch yourself down there  

female genitalia as mouth of hell,

fanged and castrating womb of death

vagina dentata that swallows men whole


  my baby comes out of this mother of caves

  streaming wet with blood, trailing his cord

  and crying as he slips out smooth as water

  my body the ground he is leaving

  for home, helpless fish in thin air

  mouth gasps open, line cut now

  tug at my heart, pain eased


remember the sharpness of the knife

that cut the slit wide open

allowed his crowning

bone-hard head to push

through that cunt so quickly cut,

then closed with catgut


    my cunning cunt gives up her magic

    trick, her one life-giving stunt


and that word,

I claim it now,

as mine.


© 1995 Jennifer Boire. 
Previously published in the Urban Wanderer's Reader, an Anthology, Hochelaga Press, 1995

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