Menstruation Horror Stories-Two's a Crowd

"I was a freshman in college and between periods at the time. I started to smell this awful odor and realized it was coming from my vagina. I didn't know what was going on and was a little horrified. To make matters worse, I also had this brownish, creamy-colored discharge, so I kept putting in a tampon to absorb it. It was really embarrassing because I was sleeping with someone at the time. Luckily, I'd been with him for a while, so he wasn't freaked out or anything. I finally got worried enough to go to the campus health center. After an exam, the gynecologist told me that there was an old tampon inside me that'd been stuck up there for weeks, which is what accounted for the smell. Hello, toxic shock syndrome. Once she removed it, everything ‑- thank God ‑- was fine. When I told my friends what had happened, they admitted that they had started to smell it too! I thought, How did I not feel the first tampon when I put the second one in? To this day, I'm paranoid about making sure I've only got one in."
--Lisa Lopez, 31

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