Menstruation Horror Stories3-Good Clean Fun

"When I was 19, I came home from college and stayed the night at my boyfriend's house. His parents were sleeping, and we wanted to have sex. We decided to do it as far away from their bedroom as possible: in the downstairs bathroom, which had no windows. The bathroom, which was completely white, was too glaring and bright, so we turned off the lights, which made it completely black, but also sort of fun. Like any sexually healthy and experimental college kids, we had sex on the floor, the (closed) toilet, the sink ‑- on every surface in the bathroom. Then I became conscious of how unusually wet things felt. When we turned on the lights, it looked like a scene from a horror movie. There was blood everywhere! It was gory. My boyfriend and I spent the next hour scrubbing the entire bathroom clean."
--Hannah Hendricks, 30

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