Menstruation Horror Stories5-Would You Like to See My Collection?

"The first time I got my period, I crept into my older sister's bedroom to tell her. As a tomboy, I was not pleased that I'd become a woman. And neither was my sister. Two years older than me, she still hadn't gotten her period and was furious that I could get mine first. She called me a liar and told me to get out of her room. Afraid I'd get the same reaction from my parents, I tried to keep it a secret. My mom, an absolute neat freak, kept one trash basket in the entire house ‑- underneath the kitchen sink. Unfortunately, the bathroom was at the other end of the house. So every time I had to change my pad, I'd go into the bathroom, roll it in a wad of toilet paper, stick it under my shirt and hide it in my desk drawer. The used pads sat there for days, filling up the drawer. One day, while I was in the other room, my dad decided to play Mr. Fix-It and repair the broken handle on my desk drawer. He called me into my room and hissed at me through clenched teeth, 'What is wrong with you, Julia Peters? I don't ever want to see you do something like this again!' And there they were, all dumped out on my carpet. I don't know who was more mortified."
--Julia Peters, 31

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