Menstruation Poem-Red Connection

by April A. Severin

Red Connection

Moon flow connects us to Mother Earth

recall ancient times when

menstrual blood was royal*


Today there's BS about "PMS" being a mental illness

No wonder we have problems with menses and emotions

Many of us having been sexually abused as children by men learned to hate our bodies and feelings


No wonder we resent

this bloody bodily function


Brainwashed as teenagers and women

by the media that we are dirty and smelly

in need of douche especially at

"that time of the month"


Period means stop

not flow yet

it's as natural as a waterfall

*"We recall ancient times when the color of royalty was the dark red wine color

of our menstrual blood."

from the book Be Full of Yourself by Patricia Lynn Reilly, page 210

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