Menstruation Poem-Times


by María García, Argentina


In the light of the night.

I can see as far

as your eyes

in the night of delight.

I can feel as far

as your hands

in the sight of denial.

I can trust as far

as your mind.

I know that you fly

watching your broken wings.

You cannot lie

who lies beyond

your sore wounds

the mistreated being

nor angel, nor demon, wanna be human for tonight?


wanna give it a try?

Let's begin saying





nameless time

waiting for the end,

to begin.

Come to me!


Didn't you pick up my loneliness shirt hon?

Gosssshhh, the only thing you could do for me

and you just let it outside...

Don't you see it's raining again?

It's really heavy to wear it wet...

I'll have to wait one more day

'til I can put it on.

I cannot get rid of you...





between programs on the tv

one worse than the other

while I think:

what a big writer I am

should I put this in my

biographical sketch?

This strengt to endure...

Should I not say

that I beat you

almost every day?

time out

I was your friend

that's why I did it

I took your time

I took your life

I took your pain away

with this bang bang death.

But then

how come I'm hearing

what you just said?

Oh dude, you'll have to take it

I failed

now you're on that chair

and I'm in Tahiti.

next round

Another porno star

believes in being

the incarnation

of Virgin Mary.

Another latinamerican


takes seriously

his tough rough duty

of trying to sleep

without pills

but you

buy you

bum you

gang bang you.

You time

time me

my time

tiny me

stunt me

sting me

it's time to me

meet me?

(Probably next time)




Comercial time.

Please place your comercial here.

I dunno.

I dunno.

I dunno.

I dunno.

What you dunno?

Just new mantra babe.

You religious man?

I dunno.

I dunno.

I dunno.

You dunno what?

Just new babe mom.

You a father man?

I dunno.

I dunno.

I dunno.

Red light at the corner,

total bless of the ultimate civilization

emotion guaranteed every corner

new political images of masturbation

of mess

of non-conscience

of mental castration

of menstrual supression

you wanna stress obedience

allow some outsiders.

you wanna find something

first you have to lose it.

dress yourself as a stewardess

that's the furthest

the highest

the fastest

you'll get.


That's so glamorous...

But you can get dead.

Do as many tests as you want


will come up with your degree of wildness.

Oh poor boy

nobody understands you.

Be a writer,

that's the coolest

you'll have your ass.

We artists,

we writers

know what's going on.

Oh man,

what a bunch of idiots,

what a waste of time.

I bet that you couldn't bear

to be a mother

in the next century

"Good mothers

should eat their kids

as soon as born,

fresh, full of proteins, free of viruses,

with good taste.

multipregnancies are allowed,

sharing is better than keeping

only for youuuuu...

Come on baby, I made it with you

gimme a bite, gimme a piece

sing me a li'l, li'l lullaby...

Mothers: Feeding Our Future

(Weren't our parents right when said:

Children are the future?)"

It's just a matter of



guess what?






Time to write

to decide

what I was

in the begin

wanna keep

what I got?

I dunno...

Wanna lose?

I forgot

for God

for good

for the best religion reason

I've a condor hidden on my back

that cannot fly

he tries and he tries and he tries

I had an idea

few days ago

I'll tatoo it


later than sooner better

bitter will turn sweeter

you won't see it

with lights off

I'll embrace you

as a bird

but you won't see

of course

with the lights off

you won't see

as I jump



on razor blades








Species in danger

of extinction:

time to laugh

time to rest

time to spend

time to play

time to pray

time to learn

time to cry

time to cook

time to sleep

time to fuck

time to understand

(and that takes more time and space)

time to meet

time to walk

time to be

time to grow

time to write

time to puke

(you're supposed to do dirty things fast and alone, no witnesses at all, did you get your time to decide wether you like it or not?)


to make

more time

to make

spare time

for a few or four

is the only time

we've got.



I want more

What else?

gimme some time out



That's the best you've got?

Try again.


Say it:

"Love is the end of hope"

That's the best you've got?

Say it backwards:

"Epoh fo dne eht si evol"

No crap.

"Hope is the end of love"

You've got it

that's better

you get it?

Love will be only

at the end of all times

the only thing

that we can do


is to know it

to bring forth

little loves

and live.

And try.

Try to live.

Try to love.

Time over.

Come back now from where you came.

Soon it'll be dawn.

(It's done)

Copyright 2006 María García

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