Mutual Masturbation Techniques I


My wife and I are into masturbating together. We enjoy watching each other hit the orgasms at the same time. Both of us have TEN's units and various instruments for masturbation from special vaginal and anal inserts to clitoral and penile stimulators, but the most exciting and intense orgasms we achieve together are from urethral inserts. Hers is 3 inches long and 1/4 inch in diameter, mine is 10 inches long and 3/8 inches diameter, it reaches my prostrate. We sit facing each other and she inserts mine into me and I insert hers into her, lubrication is KY-liquid, and at the same time we insert an anal probe into each other. This is so that the electrical contact is made between the anus and the urethral probes and the vibrational sensations are working on her anus, G-spot and clitoris and my anus, prostate and penis. She controls my TEN's unit and I control hers. We both start out at a very low frequency and then continue to build it higher as the orgasms get closer, then when the orgasms start coming we hold the units at that frequency. I have had some multiple orgasms about one to two minutes apart and maybe three to four at the most, but my wife hits orgasm after orgasm until she has hit ten to fifteen and then she is just spent and we have to stop for a while. We do this a couple of time over about an hour, and then we have our sex together, again hitting an intense orgasm. The next thing we are going to try is getting two Sybian Sex Machines, one for her and one for me. Thanks for letting us write our experiences to you and the readers.


I'm a 21 yr old guy and I met my girlfriend a few weeks ago and since we ARE so far apart I've decided to start having phone sex with her. She loves it VERY much and we do it AS much as we can. At least 5 or 6 times a week. This site has actually helped me to understand that what we're doing isn't necessarily a bad thing and that when the time DOES come for us to actually HAVE intercourse that I will now know what to do with her and what turns her on. She has been using a vibrator recently and I LOVE to hear when she cums. Its SUCH a turn on. She imagines my penis in her vagina and I imagine myself inside her when I masturbate. It tends to be QUITE the orgasmic time for the both of us. I've cum MANY times over and I've actually gotten her to cum many times as well. For those who say that phone sex can't help a relationship.. They're WRONG. If you get the chance and your away from your bf/gf. Take the chance and call them up. See what they say about that type of sexual relationship. I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised.


Mutual masturbation has given us the most incredible orgasms we have ever experienced. A video always seems to get us in the mood quickly. We lie next to each other, and once aroused by the video, began to slowly touch each other. Her left hand stroking me while my right hand, middle finger, caresses her clit. She is normally already wet from watching. I'm hard just anticipating about our mutual masturbation session. Our breathing gets harder, she begins moving her hips up to meet my caress, I'm throbbing in her hand. Soon she slides her hand down between her legs, spreading her lips, touching her clit. She moves my hand to her breast, her nipple. I pinch it gently feeling it grow and harden under my touch. Her fingers circle her clit, rubbing harder. She slips a finger between her lips, pushing it inside. Then back to her clit, caressing the right side, her sensitive side. Her left hand continues to stroke me; I'm beyond excitement knowing she is touching herself. I put my right arm underneath her and reach around so I can pinch her right nipple, still continuing to pinch her left with my other hand and fingers. Her nipples are large and long and very hard from my pinching. I have to be careful, stopping from time to time, for she will climax just from nipple stimulation. Her hips began pushing her pussy upward straining to meet her fingers. She's moaning loudly, uncontrollably now. I am close to a climax myself. Her stroking has increased, her fingers squeezing me hard. She's telling me how wet her pussy is, how hot she is, how good her fingers feel caressing her clit. She tells me how good my cock feels in her hand, how hard, how big. I can barely keep myself from orgasm. Her legs are spread wide, she pushes two fingers deep between her lips, reaching for her g-spot. She uses her thumb to rub her clit while her fingers are moving in and out of her pussy. She's moaning loudly now, screaming how hot she is, that she is going to "cum" soon. She starts to climax. Knowing she is bringing herself to orgasm begins mine. I can't stop it, I'm throbbing, I'm cumming. She's moving her hand up and down me so quickly now that my "cum" shoots up and all over the both of us. I can't stop cumming. It is so intense I can barely control my body, I'm jerking around the bed like I'm having a seizure. She is in full orgasm by now; screaming obscenities, moaning, her hips grinding upward trying to force her fingers deeper between her lips. Her orgasm seems to last forever. She begins to beg me to "fuck" her, she needs to be filled with "cock", she's telling me her "pussy is aching for something hard". But this my friend is a masturbation session; I hand her a favorite, a life like 9" dong. She can barely contain herself, she grabs at it and quickly pushes it between her pussy lips. Her two hands now on the dong, she pushes it deep into her pussy. She's so wet it slides in effortlessly. She buries it, all of it, then begins moving it in and out in 4 or 5" strokes. Each stroke ending with all 9" fully inside. She quickens her strokes. Soon she's pounding this 9" wonder into her pussy; her hips bouncing off the bed, pushing upward to meet each stroke. She's screaming "fuck me, fuck me" as she starts her 2nd orgasm of the night. This one is more intense than her 1st. She's moaning and screaming, crying, tears coming from her eyes. After her last orgasmic ripple her body collapses into the bed, exhausted. Her dong filling her now soaked pussy, she slowly moves it in and out, a sensuous pleasurable finale to her climax. I reach over to caress her pussy, her legs are wet to her knees, the sheets under her are soaked. She asks me to very slowly pull that wonderful 9" dong out from her pussy. She rests her head on my shoulder, we both sleep. It was another terrific night of masturbation.


Hi, first I want to say how much I like your site. My husband and I just love it, it has made me feel absolutely confident with me and my sexuality. I'm 29 years old and have been masturbating since I was 13. I have tried different techniques and there are quite a few that work very well for me but probably what I enjoy the most is mutual masturbation with my husband, we have a very open relationship so we know that we both masturbate. We started mutual masturbation since we were dating especially because we didn't have a place where to make love so, we used to do it in the car after long beautiful kisses. He then used to start caressing my body, my shoulders, breasts and getting closing to my waist that used to make me very hot so when he finally decided to go down I was already very wet and almost begging him to touch my clit. Then I returned him the favor by masturbating him and some times with a blowjob which by the way excites me very much because I have been always very attracted to cum its texture, smell and taste. After few times I started guiding his fingers when he was masturbating me, this opened the door for talking about our own masturbation. We have been married for more than 3 years now and we still like including mutual masturbation in our sex life.

One of the most beautiful techniques we have discovered is making him finish on my pussy (I love this word) and then using his semen as lubricant to masturbate me. We usually start with oral sex but when he is getting close I let him finish on me be his self, I love seeing it while I open my lips with my fingers and then I can feel his warm semen running all around I cannot wait any more so I usually start rubbing my clitoris immediately with this beautiful warm fluid and then he puts one or two fingers inside me to reach my G spot and also plays with all this wet a little bit around my anus (love it). We love doing it very slowly but anyway it is a matter of minutes till I reach the orgasm. Some times we swap hands and he plays with my clit while I put my fingers inside, both ways are great. I also like getting my fingers wet and then suck them, love the taste. Quite often at this point he is very excited again so we make love and he can cum one more time but now inside me.

Cheers Maria

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