My Brother Was My Lover!

I have one sibling, a brother. We were raised to be comfortable with our bodies, and bathed together until we were about 9 or so. I was introduced to 'doctor' type games at around age 8 at a sleep over. I was initially shy, but quickly realized that there was much pleasure to be gained by taking part. I then experimented over the next few years with both girls and boys in my circle of friends. The memories of soft little vulvas and smooth, hairless penises still excite me all these years later. There was never any hint of coercion, and we simply saw our experiences as another very pleasurable way of having fun together. It was fascinating and thrilling to touch one another's genitals, and this grew to include oral stimulation too.

My brother was part of the same circle of friends, and we quickly realized that we were both having the same experiences but on separate occasions. Soon, we were playing together whenever we could be alone. I used to love to hold his stiff little penis in my hand and masturbate him. I also really enjoyed taking him in my mouth and playing my tongue over his glans and around his shaft. I watched as his pubic hair began to grow in, and gulped down those first few drops of semen when they appeared. Sometimes I used to sneak into his room at night and wake him up with gentle caresses, and I especially enjoyed the thrill of sucking him off just meters from where my parents slept. One day in our mid teens I let him fuck me with a condom he had found, but this only happened on a few occasions.

Our sexual adventures stopped when I left home after finishing school, and we have both grown into well adjusted adults with families of our own. I suspect that many more people have had similar experiences during their youth. I certainly spent enough time wondering if I was 'normal' or perhaps perverted in some way.

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