My Sexual Discoveries

Having masturbated all my life I have always been very sexual and very open about sex in general. As a child and teenager I was very curious about sex. My parents had taught me about 'making babies' when I was very young, and about sex being pleasurable but obviously I still had questions. When I was 12 I began masturbating using my vagina instead of just rubbing my clit. I was fixated with the claim that when you lost your virginity your hymen broke, you bled and it hurt. I was determined that my first time would not be like that, so I 'tested' myself with a variety of objects. There was absolutely no pain or bleeding - I found it all very easy and of course great fun! However, I was worried. I knew what a penis looked like, but not when it was erect. I thought 'Blimey - erect dicks must be HUGE if they cause you to break and bleed' I wanted to speak to my parents about my worries but I knew it would involve admitting that I masturbate which I was too embarrassed to do (They know I do now, as I'm no longer ashamed, and it doesn't bother them in the slightest).

At about 16, I persuaded a friend to show me his erect penis, just so I could figure out whether or not losing my virginity would hurt. He kindly obliged and on seeing it I said - 'Hey, that's the same size as the plastic bottle I use when I wank' I was thrilled!

I got my first boyfriend at 18 and after two weeks we had sex (we were both virgins). I assure you I didn't lose my virginity at 18 out of choice - it was just circumstances. I spent most of my teens feeling sexually frustrated, but was far to nervous to ask anyone out. I new that first time sex was unlikely to be wonderful as I was right, but it was still nice to be doing it at last. However, sex with that particular young man continued to be less than I'd hoped, and I blamed myself. I couldn't orgasm and was convinced I was defective in some way, and got so upset that I spoke to my parents (this was when I admitted to masturbating). I couldn't understand why sex was such a let down when masturbation was so great. They said practice makes perfect, which is certainly true, but I quickly learnt that my boyfriend was not the most considerate of lovers. His idea of foreplay was to grope me for a bit, then sex was when he lay on me and jiggled about for 10 minutes until he came. He loved me to give him oral sex, but was disgusted at the thought of returning the favor, so I lost out in that department too. Towards the end of the relationship (it only lasted 4 & 1/2 months - luckily!) he couldn't be bothered having sex most of the time and I just became a 'giving head machine'. I decided that I would probably never enjoy sex very much but I still had masturbation.

Sine then I've had a one night stand - no orgasms but great fun anyway; and a brief fling with a friend I visited for a few days. He was quite adventurous if not a little clumsy (he was a virgin) and he will probably be a damn good lover for somebody one day. I still couldn't come, and also quite quickly realized I didn't fancy him but it was an experience I'm glad I had.

I've been with my current boyfriend for over a year now and sex with him is fantastic. To begin with, I was still convinced I couldn't come, but it wasn't long before this was disproved. Also, one of the first things my boyfriend did was to give me head - something that I thought men hated. He said he loved it!

Now we have sex in a variety of different positions, all with different benefits. I love to go on top as I can rub my clit on him at the same time and usually I come quite quickly. He also comes easily in this position too. Recently I've started coming when he lies on top of me as again, my clit gets the correct stimulation. My other favorite position is when he's standing and I'm lying on the bed with my legs up on his shoulders. I can't come with my clit in this position, but I have discovered that I have a brilliant G-Spot! This position gives me great G-Spot stimulation and multiple orgasms so intense that I often scream. From behind and fingering produce the same effects. My boyfriend is a wonderful and considerate lover and now I love giving head because he doesn't demand it like my first boyfriend did, and he'll always return the favor. We even have sex during my period, providing it's light - when it's heavy not only does it make a lot of mess but the amount of liquid makes it too slippery and we both lose sensation. During that time we touch each other and have oral sex (I wear a tampon). All in all I have a great sex life, though I still continue to masturbate frequently.

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