No Guy Wants Me Cause I am Fat

I would label myself as a "sexual eater". I have never been with a man because it has been so hard to get over the way they treated me when I was heavier. Fatter. I have always felt lesser than the other girls, like if a guy had to choose he would choose just about anybody over me...But fat girls have sexual feelings too, you know. Needs. It's so hard to live with all these feelings when you feel like nobody else wants you. Sometimes masturbation only makes the desire for sex worse. And I end up feeling like I have to masturbate because I could never get the kind of guy I would really want...Kind of like the ugly girl who has to give it to herslef because nobody else will.

There are times when the hunger becomes so strong it's almost like the hunger for food. And I eat to make the hunger go away. To try to fill myself up. It all just gets so intense. It drives me crazy, ya know? I'm sure a lot of other heavy girls know what I mean.

by Anonmymous

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