Not Ashamed of Vagina Talk


In Erotic Romance, authors are encouraged to use the appropriate names of the character’s body parts. Pardon my language and forgive me for shocking you but in this genre a cock is called a cock and a vagina is called a vagina.

Here are a few of the more common words erotic romance authors are using:

Vagina, pussy, cunt, channel, sheath, slit, cleft, genitals, canal, quim, entrance

Clitoris, clit, pleasure pearl, pearl, clit hood

Labia, pussy lips, folds, pussy folds, inner labia, outer labia, nether lips

Breasts, globes, tits, boobs

Nipples, buds, beads

Penis, cock, shaft, member, organ, hard-on, erection, rod, staff, phallus, root, staff

Balls, testicles, scrotum

Cock head, head, tip, plum-shaped head, mushroom shaped head

Ass, buttocks, ass cheeks, cheeks, rear, curves,

Making love - having sex, fucking, thrusting, plunging, driving

Orgasm – come, cum, climax, pussy cream, pussy juices, ejaculate, sperm, erupt, stream, spurt, gush, spew, jet, explode, peak, seed

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