Queen Sized Vagina

I should start out by saying I've always had what you might call a "queen sized vagina."  It was never really a problem for me.  At least, not when it came to sexual pleasure.  It did, however, pose a problem for the men I slept with.  One partner even complaining that "having sex with me was like using a trash bag."  Other men were not so obvious.  But it was still obvious my size posed a problem for them.  For years I hated myself for the way my body was built.

Than I met Trisha.

I had just moved back to America from my home in London.  It was certainly a period of upheaval in my life.  Trisha worked at my new office in L.A.  When I first met her I felt a spark.  And I was certain she felt the same way.  Though I had always considered myself a heterosexual woman, when I was around Trisha I wasn't so sure anymore.

We went out to dinner together several times before we ever kissed.  It was a very sweet, chaste sort of kiss.  And she didn't pressure me to have sex the way a man might.  Our first time was very special.  I had never been with anyone who knew how to touch me the way I needed to be touched.  Who cared so much about what I wanted.  And who cuddled and whispered to me afterwards the way she did.

I have been with around three women since Trisha and I broke up.   And none of them has cared one smidgen about how large my vagina is.  Or even if I've gained a few pounds.  It just doesn't seem to be as important to lesbians as it is to men. And I don't feel the same amount of pressure to be perfect around other females as I did with men.  I feel more sexually free and content with my body than I ever have before.  Much more free to be myself.


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